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About Me


 Patti P. Shipp, LPC MAC

Patti is a licensed professional counselor and a master addiction counselor specializing in addiction, marriage and wellness counseling. She has been in private practice for over 10 years. Patti holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. She holds a Master's degree in Education in Community Agency Counseling from Clemson University in Clemson S.C.

Patti has worked 15 years in a psychiatric, acute care hospital setting with focus on adolescent and adult subtance abuse isses.  She states, "The experience gained in dealing with mental health issues is invaluable. Along with this experience, I have also been working in my private practice for a number of years. The two together have truly helped in defining my treatment approach."

She defines her approach as, "My approach to therapy integrates the 12-step recovery philosophy with all aspects of our lives. This integrated approach allows us to address issues dealing with physical health, nutrition, depression, anxiety and family work. Your treatment plan will be individualized to meet your needs as you will play an active part in developing your therapeutic goals. Your family will be encouraged to participate in an effort to create a healthy living environment."

"Contact me to find out ways to begin making change in your life. Let’s start now."