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Meet Our Therapists

All sessions by video until further notice. 

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Karen Keys

Owner & Therapist
New York & New Jersey


** Not Accepting New Clients **

General therapy and Certified Health Coach for chronic conditions and health goals.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor  Certified Health Coach 

Certified Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor



Therapy is founded on relationships. I use techniques and also my authentic whole self, informed by life experiences and values. My practice uses empirical methods individualized for each person, your strengths, needs, and goals. My personal story includes thriving after loss and knowing the power of a helping hand.  

Dan Calabrese, LCSW
Therapist - Adults
New York

Starting 3/4/24

Approach -- Welcoming new clients 3/11/24

I view you as the expert on yourself and what you need. I know that there is strength within you and you have good ideas for solutions. My expertise lies in partnering to help identify and act on your solutions. I approach therapy in a radically genuine way. I’m a fellow human being who really cares and uses skills to help you achieve your changes.

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Tasnim Rashid, LMHC
Couples, Adults, & Children
New York


I collaborate with clients to understand their core values and guide them to make choices based on their discoveries. I offer a safe space for my clients to share their struggles and establish trust in me as a partner in their healing process. I have faith in people’s ability to heal from all adversities. 

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Gail Marquez, LMHC
New York


I am a bilingual mental health counselor who creates a therapeutic environment rooted in clients' cultural and spiritual contexts. I approach my work in a holistic manner, understanding the importance of exploring the clients' physical emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. We start by helping people feel at ease by simply listening and acknowledging.

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Tosia McCormick, LMHC

Therapist - Adults & Adolescents

New York


The decision to begin therapy is rarely easy, but once you begin the process and stay with it, you may be surprised by the changes that can happen. Ideally, your therapist should help you feel safe and supported, and challenged when necessary -- without shame or judgment. I see each client as a unique person not a collection of symptoms. Together we can do this.

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