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Integrated Mental Health Counseling Inc.

All sessions by video

Adults, Couples, & Adolescents

Our new Nurse Practitioner Maureen Graham will join us in May. Maureen brings deep experience & professional skills with medications and a holistic approach to wellness. Stay tuned for her calendar availability in late May.  

As of April 10, Daniel Calabrese is welcoming new clients; unfortunately our other therapists have a waiting list for new clients -- please email Karen Keys to be added or for questions.   

We are a group practice for individuals, couples, & adolescents. Our clients often have  challenges like anxiety, depression, relationships, and life changes. We also help if you have health goals or chronic conditions. Please read about our therapists' specialty treatments and approaches, and self-schedule your first appointment.

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Karen Keys


Owner &


Dan Photo_edited_edited_edited_edited_ed

Dan Calabrese, 

Dan has been the biggest factor towards my improved mental health over the years. He’s an excellent listener and works well using different techniques to address problems. I’ve found significant personal growth over my time in therapy .

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Tasnim Rashid

Highly Recommend! I am so thankful I chose Tasnim as my therapist. She has really helped with my anxiety!

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Tosia McCormick

Tosia was amazing from the start. She listens to every word and just makes me feel so comfortable. I really look forward to me sessions!

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Gail Marquez

Some therapists are either too pressure-y to make change or too laid back and don't give any feedback. Gail has always hit exactly the right balance. 

Our Commitment to Justice & Equity

The Integrated Counseling practice stands as an active ally against discrimination in all its forms. We condemn violence and hatred, and express our unwavering commitment in support of all people, especially those who suffer systemic injustice and interpersonal or state-sponsored violence. We embrace the life-long work of challenging internalized bigotry in ourselves and others. Our practice is committed to alleviating suffering and inequality. 


Until we celebrate the diverse glory of all human beings, our work continues. 

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