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Things Are Better, Covid-Wise. How Come I'm Not Feeling It?

As we enter into a period where many people are vaccinated and other changes have taken place, most Americans are safer. Our infection rate is down, most hospitals are managing, new treatments are in development, and our lives are less restricted.

That's all wonderful news. And you may feel great about it - relieved, hopeful, and connected to others. But this is the first pandemic for all of us alive today, and we don't have a manual. You had to learn how to be in quarantine; live with anxiety; and make many many adjustments to your lives. Well done for showing up and doing your best all this time!

And if you lost someone(s) dear to you, we are so sorry for your loss. And belatedly, we extend our condolence and support. We hope you will share about your loved one so they can live in our hearts too.

And now we need to figure out how to deal with where we are now. For healthcare and other workers, you may still be under great strain and wonder if the end will ever arrive. Or perhaps you imagine that others managed better than you did -- they've gotten in shape, kept their routines, bought a new house, and so on.

During COVID restrictions, if you were able to keep your job and home, you may have found your life simpler in some ways. No pressures to meet new people and socialize. No point in job hunting just now. Just a few decisions were on the menu!

And now what? How do we emerge from our bunkers? Well, however it is for you, you are doing fine. There is no manual for any of this. Whatever you are feeling is valid. No one knows how to do any of this, so try to be open and forgiving of yourself and others as we stumble forward, continuing to get it right sometimes and terribly wrong others. We're all making it up as we go.

But do try to begin or continue your routines. Take care of yourself. Sleep, eat, exercise, and pace yourself. Some days you may feel like taking on the world. Others, you want to go back to bed and pull the covers over. It's all fine and the process will unfold. Trust yourself. The wisdom that brought you here will continue to guide you.

And if you'd like to talk things out, we're here.

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